Check Payment Status - Login

To view the status of your check and/or issue a repayment please login with the credentials as described below. If you are unable to login OR need to update the name on your check, please fill out and mail in the paper form located here.

If you are having issues logging in, please try some of the following:


Please make sure that you have entered your name correctly. Names may be in different formats i.e. Jeffrey vs Jeff, Richard vs Rick, etc. If you still have your check from last year or can access your check imagine via online banking, please review how your name was printed. If your check is not available, please consider the following;

  • Has your last name changed? If so, try both your current and previous name. (If your previous name is being used, you will need to fill out a paper form found here to update your name).
  • If your last name is hyphenated, try your name with either a dash, or a space between the names.
  • Is there a space, hyphen, or other symbol in your name? Please try entering your name with or without these symbols.


  • Have you moved? If so, an old ZIP code could be attached to your record.
  • Did you purchase your gas with a business card? Your ZIP code could be for that business address.
  • Have you tried entering your ZIP code as a 9-digit length if the 5-digit length is not working? Example: 972083266 vs. 97208?

It is highly encouraged to use your Check Number to login with.


Where can I find my check number?

Please provide your first and last name, or business name, and ZIP code. *